Friday, January 21, 2011

DiGi Done Right Camp- I am Super Blogger

Last week on Saturday and Sunday, i'm join Digi Done Right Camp. All the participants didn't know what camp is all about. Is we have to make campfire? The anwser is no. Digi Done Right Camp is motivation camping for blogger to be SUPER BLOGGER. Many things that i learned there and i want to share with u all guys. Before that lets see the beautiful scenery and panorama at Digi Office.

View surrounding the Digi building. Lots of flower and plant, green environmental.

Inside the bulding, calm and less stress. I think staff will enjoy their working days.

Decoration inside the office, fell like at home. The fresh flower will change every Sunday (lots of budget need).

Furniture at the meeting room and corner. The grey chair worth RM15000 each..WOW!

Thumbs up for the delicious foods.

Night at Carlton Hotel,my roomate Tam nice to meet you.

I introduce you our motivator, Mr U2 Kumar give lots of information and guiding us in order to change our selves be SUPER BLOGGER. Thanks to Mr U2 Kumar changes us become new one.

Lots of activities and games are prepared for us. We enjoy every single moment and have fun. Here i share with you what we learned during 2 days.

Day 1 (Saturday, 15 January 2011)
- Learn about passion : Passion is the intense feeling of doing something e\so well or extraordinary that you just totally engage yourself to overachieve to acceptable TARGETS

- For things to change i must change first. No Failure Wrong Result, CHANGE STRATEGY

- Big heart - my heart is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Support others with BIG Heart. To be SUPER team, team support, team work, team think and team building is important. Show your support by saying statement like "I SUPPORT YOU" or "I KNOW YOU CAN BE BETTER"

This is my team, Super Dynamite. Farha as a leader, Dewi, Ashley, Elwyn,myrmiamelodiea and me

- To be extraordinary, I am Responsible :Stop Blame,Complain,Excuses and Gossip. Anything happen, Its my fault

- Levels of performance: Now i at expected level but sometimes down to average and poor. So, after this i want to raise my level to extraordinary.

Day 2 (Sunday, 16 January 2011)

4 Secrets of Mental Warrior

1. Protect yourself by saying to these negatives, "CANCEL-CANCEL, GO AWAY"

2. Internal negative self-talk can be controlled by putting your thumb to your forehead and rubbing them away before they take control

3. Change your words

PROBLEMS- Challenges
Difficult - Interesting
I'll Try - I'll do my Best
No Problems - My Pleasure!
Scolded - message
I don't Know - I'll find out
I have to - I want to

Also remember,".. thank you for your Excuses!.."
Excuses are merely reasons to fail and not be your Best!
Be responsible. Raise your Standard!

4. Protect yourself against Negative People who will affect your attitude to excel

Overall Digi Done Right Camp is best and lots of excitement. We get benefits such as can get new friends, add value to ourselves and most important thing the activities prepared for us show our pattern and make improve of that. So, if there any continues of this DiGi Done Right Camp, i would like to join (if nothing issues clash with that day)

Souviner from Digi and Mr U2 Kumar. Love Digi more!!

Congrates to all winners during the event,Best Supporter,Best Blog Post,Best Facebook Status Updates and Best Tweet.

Congrates to all Nuffies and Nuffnangers graduated this camp

Super Dynamite..Gonna Miss U All

Kredit Photo: Philip, Farha and Dewi

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kak ina kl (1) said...

wah bestnya kamu terpilih.dari duk umah baik kamu gi ke sini kan..dapat gak member baru

Ira said...

bestnye kalau ada ofis camtu..

neTToboy said...

good one support youuuu.... =p eh i saw my face with the nerd look..haha

Myrmia Melodiea said...

let's all do our best to achieve XO performance!!
we support each other~!!!

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