Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brasil go to quarter final

Yes,i knew it. Brasil won again this morning with 3 goal when meet with Chile while Netherland won with score 2-1 met Slovakia. It automatically place Brasil to quarter final. At this stage, Brasil will meet Netherlands on 2nd July at 10 pm. I dont want to miss this game. Absolutely i want my samba team move to semifinal and be the champion of FIFA..Go Brasil

Schedule for today and quarter final game.

Today we will know another 2 team which can be to next level. Paraguay will meet Japan at 10 pm and Spain will meet Portugal at 2.30 am. My guess Paraguay and Spain will win this match. The tough fight i think the match between Portugal and Spain. We just see the result soon.

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Aku Memang BeGiNi said...

yes. event i tak de peluang tgk brasill main, but i still want brazill winn..go go,jerman? huh, diaorg npk gaya mcm ade strstegi best je

- zuriey - said...

aku memang begini: jerman n argentina memang nampak menyerlah game kali ini. tapi yg pnting brasil takleh ngaku kalah

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